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Why Self-Reflection Is Important? Here Are 10 Reasons

 Self-reflection is a part of Psychological Mindedness (PM) wherein it is the capacity to look into your conscious thoughts, feelings, and mental state in order to learn more about yourself.

It's an important aspect of your mind that lets you become self-aware of what you've accomplished thus far which will either change how you act or encourage the way you conduct yourself right now. It is a matter of whether you are satisfied with yourself or not that will either promote change or encourage your current self.

Self-reflection is important for other reasons, here are some of the following:

1. It will improve your cognitive skills.

Self-reflecting not only lets you improve your character but it also promotes the growth of your mental state as you begin to pick apart your mind and begin discarding undesirable traits. This is essential in your adolescent years as it will shape what you become as an adult.

2. It helps in building a strong character for yourself.

A part of self-reflection is facing a lot of your fears and undesirable traits, which will strengthen your mental fortitude and let you handle more emotionally straining situations in the future. It helps build character as you then begin adding more desirable traits about yourself as you remove those unwanted traits.

3. Figuring out what your goals are in life.

Through self-reflection, you will be able to understand your feelings and your mind a lot clearer and in doing so you will gain a vivid image of what you want to do with your life and how you want to go about it.

4. Finding what makes you happy.

It's not strange to admit that you're still searching for what really gives you happiness in the world, and although you might not be able to immediately find it through self-reflection, is it at least where you can begin to search for what makes you happy. There's no other place in this world that will help you find the guide to make you happy than in yourself.

5. Developing your own beliefs.

Self-reflection helps with a lot of things, finding happiness and yourself is one of its key purposes, but there is also another fundamental purpose of self-reflection and that is to find your own beliefs. It doesn't necessarily mean your belief in religion, but your beliefs in general, the things you stand by and the do's and don't that you yourself abide to.

6. Analyzing the problems that you see within yourself.

We've all been in that situation before, where you do something and begin to think if what you did was right, and if it was wrong of you to do you begin to think of how to fix the problem. That itself is also self-reflection and it is a good way of breaking down your mistakes and what you can learn from dissecting them.

7. Knowing who to associate yourself with.

Without looking into yourself, you won't be able to know what kind of people you want to surround yourself with and what kind of influences you want to have around you that will change your behavior. That's why self-reflection is key so you know the kind of people you want to be with and support you.

8. It helps build boundaries for yourself and for others.

Similar to knowing who you want to associate yourself with, self-reflection helps in creating boundaries for yourself and for your friend circle. What that means is you know what actions you deem as appropriate and what actions are inappropriate, it helps in keeping true to yourself as it maintains your beliefs in life.

9. It helps you discover a talent you had in you.

It sounds cheesy but through self-reflection you can find what you excel at or at least you'll find a talent that you really want to learn and hone either because you found that it was your passion or it's something that you can easily learn.

10. Finding satisfaction in yourself.

Through a lot of self-reflection, you'll be able to understand yourself completely, essence and all and after everything you can self-satisfaction because you've achieved your ideal self.