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Things Women Do That Irritate Men

While the game of love goes on and on between men and women, there will always be something said or done somewhere along the way that either of the sexes will find annoying. Women seem to find all sorts of things to say that simply irritate men beyond belief, and this is true whether the men tell the women or not. When men were interviewed on this very subject, there were a few annoying things that kept coming up over and over again. 

One thing that women need to do is learn how to accept a compliment gracefully. When a man tells a woman that her dress looks nice, he doesn’t want to hear “Oh this old thing? I just pulled it from the back of my closet!” Or if he tells you how beautiful your hair is, don’t say “I spent all afternoon in the salon!” Just say “Oh thank you!” Smile and move on

Women may let their men drive their cars but they don’t exactly give up control of those cars. Guys wonder what the point is to this. If you’re going to hand your guy the keys to your hot car, you need to also let HIM do the driving. The only reason you would do otherwise is if he’s a proven horrible driver. In that case, you would probably just want to be honest with him and not let him drive.

Don’t tell him how to act. For some reason, a lot of women seem to feel that it’s necessary to tell their men to behave before they go out for the evening. The only reason this MIGHT ever be necessary is if they will be in the company of someone they don’t like and who they have had confrontations with before. But you may just want to skip that evening altogether. 

While your man may have a gorgeous best friend, it’s not up to you to point this out. It’s also a very bad idea to flirt with this friend. If you want your current relationship to last longer than the best friend’s visit, you will want to treat this friend like you would anyone else. 

When a man asks a woman a question that requires for her to make a decision, she needs to give him one. While men do like to make decisions for the two of you on occasion, if he asks you where you would like to have dinner, tell him. Don’t say that you don’t care or that wherever he wants to go is fine with you. They have a reason for asking and that reason usually involves making sure that you also enjoy the establishment as much as he will. Therefore, if you have a preference, or even if you don’t, make a decision anyway. The next time you go out, HE will decide. 

These are just a few of the things that irritate men but you can do your part to keep the relationship on track by not committing these “sins.”