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Quiz Yourself : Are You Tense????

Tension, stress, anxiety, depression, and other disorders are a gift of the modern world to all of us. Our ancestors did not know the meaning of these words. But all of us suffer from them some time in our life? 

Quiz yourself about your tension. If you are tense, you should get out of it as soon as possible otherwise the tension will one day make your life very sad? How to find that out? Let us quiz ourselves.

Think of yourself when you get up. Do you get up with a spring in your body and smile on your face? Or do you hate waking up? Or when you get up, your mind is full of the incomplete work? Think about what commonly happens when you get up in the morning. That gives us an indication about the tension. If we do not get up with a cheery heart that means that tension has overwhelmed us. That is not good. One day that will show as a stress related disease and some of them are very dangerous.

Quiz yourself while you are driving to the office or traveling by the train. Are you carefree? Are you enjoying the sights around? Or you are looking at your watch after every five minutes and thinking of the day ahead and so much to finish? You can understand what I am saying, is it not so? Unfortunately all the beautiful sights are lost to us, because most of us do not live in the present. We live in the past and the future. The guilt of the past actions and the expectations of future problems overwhelm our present moment. We do not cross the bridge when it comes. We cross it hundreds of times in our imagination. Quiz your lifestyle and if you realize that you are living a tense life, try to relax and take it easy.