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Binge Eating Success-It Is Possible With Support


For those who have a tendency to binge, this is a clear indication that something may be terribly wrong.  This is a condition that can spiral out of control until the individual experiences a host of both physical and emotional complications.  In order to be a binge eating success story, you have to be willing to accept that there is a real problem and that you want help for it.

As with other conditions, denial is a problem with bingers.  They may feel as if things are not quite right, but they retreat into their own world where food takes over and does the reasoning for them.  That’s why it is imperative that friends and family notice subtle changes in a person’s demeanor and appetite, as well as any physical changes that seem to be occurring.  

It is possible to get treatment for this condition as long as the person is confronted in the right manner.  They are going to feel lonely, depressed and an overall sense of being an outcast.  They will also often put on weight even though their eating patterns may not seem to have changed.  That is because they are hiding food and eating in private.  Since these foods are often the wrong types of foods high in fat, calories and sugar they cause significantly more damage.

Once a problem has been spotted it is imperative that the individual be persuaded to talk to a professional.  There are a number of ways that treatment can be rendered but since different individuals respond differently to various methods it might be necessary to try several different options to determine which one will work best for their particular case.

The most common treatments are medications and psychotherapy.  Sometimes, it is necessary for the two to be combined- depending on the severity of the condition.  Both have proven results in treating the condition.

Something else that goes with these treatments is that the individual not be left alone with food.  This condition is also known as compulsive eating for a reason.  For sufferers, once they begin eating they are not able to determine when to stop.  That’s why all meals should be eaten around others so that the person can be monitored.  Having accountability is the key to stopping the condition from escalating even further.

It will also be necessary for the individual to have routine searches of all of their private locations such as their room, locker, car, etc.  Anywhere that food can be stashed is a potential opportunity for them to backslide.  In order to become a binge eating success story, it is necessary to implement all of these practices.