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Top Reasons to Use a Virtual Platform for Your Business

 Coaching models may be extremely diverse, but they are all grounded on the same core - get your clients and prospects engaging with your offerings. These platforms allow coaches to connect with their clients in a way that increases their efficiency while also increasing their effectiveness. However, many coaches are unaware of how easy it is to use a Virtual Platform for Coaches. In fact, the VPA can help you reach out to clients and prospects far more effectively than ever before! Here are three ways in which a Virtual Platform for Coaches can make your coaching business even more effective:

Access to Multiple Paths: It is very common for a coach to only be available to his/her client base via email. While this is certainly effective, it creates an opportunity for the coach to get isolated within their own sphere of influence. Rather than having to constantly convince their subscribers to opt-in to a list or call in line, a coach can easily send messages from one system to another. With the VPA, you can get your subscribers to various different services at the click of a button! The VPA also makes it much easier for a coach to set up follow up plans and offers.

Personalization: Using the VPA platform allows you to personalize the experience for each client. For example, you can set up a survey or poll for each prospect that asks them about what they want to get out of the coaching. Then when the client submits their responses, they are automatically listed below each survey in their order of preference. You can take this a step further and create reports on the fly that include everything from global macroeconomics to local microeconomics. The flexibility a VPA offers makes it highly customizable to each client's needs.

Clients: Even though you may be getting new clients all the time, it's very important for you to retain those that you already have. A VPA allows you to capture the IP addresses of clients who have already purchased your services. This means that even if you're not getting new clients, you will always have people's attention because you're able to bring their attention to those that need help.

Scalability: Using a VPA enables you to scale the number of clients you work with on a given project without having to upgrade your hosting space or hire additional staff. Think about how many times you've had to turn down requests for coaching due to capacity limits. You may also have had to close calls because of time constraints. With a platform, however, you never have to worry about these issues again. Clients can access a limited number of resources at any given time, and the software handles the load for you automatically!

Collaboration: There's nothing more important than real-time interaction between a coach and client. But when you have a VPA, you can easily get both the client and the coach together at the same time. You can send instant messages and links to your prospects, chat, and use VPA voice conferencing to have quick discussions. It's simply priceless!

Flexibility: As your business expands, you may find that your staff is expanding too. Virtual office services are flexible enough to continue adding in-house staff as well as outsourcing services when necessary. When you have multiple locations, you have the ability to expand your service as needed, without spending more money than you need to. This is a big advantage over many other types of services that need to be hired elsewhere.

Security: A good virtual platform for coaches will offer plenty of security measures, especially when dealing with confidential information. You'll know that all data is protected, secure, and backed up regularly. Virtual Platform for Coaches You'll also be confident that no one has unauthorized access to your service - even when you're not at your desk, as long as you have installed the platform in the same building as your business.